Hans Radio And TV
Sales and Service
(established 1975)

Business Hours :
Monday to Friday: 08H00 - 17H00
Saturday: 08H00 - 13H00
Closed on all Public Holidays

169 Ontdekkers Road
Horison Park

Tel: 011-763-3984
WhatsApp: 061-455-5867

Our technical repair facility on our premises cater for the repair of:

LED Televisions
LCD Televisions
OLED Televisions
Plasma/PDP Televisions
All Types of Audio Amplifiers
DVD Home Theaters
Video Cassette Recorders (VCR's)
Turntables/Record Players
Microwave Ovens 

We sell the following products:

LED's and LED Lighting
Power Supplies and 220V-110V convertors
Coaxial Cable and AV Cable
Wall Mount Brackets, Cranks and Masts
Telescopic, VHF and UHF Aerials
Satellite Dishes, LNB's and TV Links
Patch Cords, HDMI Cable and Optical Cables
RF and AV Connectors and Adaptors
DSTV Remote Controls and Universal Remote Controls
Aerial Splitters, Mixers and SLX Splitters
Setback Amplifiers
Fuses, Resistors, Capacitors and other General Parts
Turntable Needles/Stylus

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